20 Cool Ideas for 5 Gallon Planters You Can Try Today

There’s something uniquely satisfying about growing your plants in 5-gallon containers – it gives you the flexibility to go creative and experiment while saving space. And, if you’re looking for novel ideas, you’re in the right place! We’ve gathered a list of 20 brilliant concepts that can truly bring life (literally!) to your balcony, patio, or even indoor space. So let’s kickstart your next gardening project together.

1. Succulent Container Garden

Imagine an assortment of succulents adorning your living room! A 5-gallon bucket becomes a fascinating arena to house succulents of different shapes and sizes – succulent container gardening is indeed a bucket genius idea. The trick is to plant taller species in the center surrounded by smaller varieties, don’t forget the sandy well-draining soil they like!

2. Herb Gardening Tower

How about growing your own fresh herbs at home? Make a vertical herb garden using two or three stacked 5-gallon planters. Start with planting herbs like basil, parsley and rosemary that love plenty of sunshine in the top planter, while cooler ones like mint prefer the bottom tier.

3. Fairy Garden Wonderland

Unleash your creativity with a fairy garden in a 5-gallon planter! Incorporate miniature houses, delicate paths, bridges – all set against a backdrop of charming petite plants and bright flowers. This enchanted little world brings so much joy, especially to little visitors at your home.

4. Aquaponic Fish Tank

Create your own aquaponics system where your fish supply nutrients for growing plants. The idea is to place plants on the top of your tank and let their roots hang inside, absorbing the nutrients from fish waste while also purifying the water. What a fantastic win-win situation!

5. Hanging Strawberry Planter

Savor fresh strawberries right from your garden! By crafting holes around the sides of a 5-gallon planter, you can grow ample strawberry plants without utilizing large patches of ground space. When hung, this planter transforms into an eye-catching cascading strawberry display.

6. Vegetable Potting System

You don’t need a big plot to grow your vegetables. A 5-gallon planter can comfortably support a single plant like a tomato, pepper or zucchini from planting to harvest. It’s an easy and economical way to grow your veggies, making it a bucket genius concept!

7. Ornamental Grass Display

Your balcony or patio can become more vibrant with an ornamental grass display. Choose varieties with interesting color, shape or texture like feather reed grass or Japanese silver grass for the best impact. Remember to trim it once in a while to keep the shape neat!

8. Painted Creeping Vine Tower

Visualize a tower of lush creeping vines dropping from a stunning painted bucket! You can paint and decorate the planter according to your taste before planting fast-growing vines like morning glory or creeping jenny, which add an unparalleled aesthetic charm.

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9. Tropical Palm Oasis

Why not turn your living room into a tropical oasis! Certain palm varieties like Areca and Parlor palms are perfect for growing in 5-gallon planters indoors. They not only purify the air but also add an exotic touch to the décor with their exquisite fronds and imposing height.

10. Citrus Tree Plantation

Ever thought of growing your oranges or lemons? Even a small sized citrus tree can fruit well in a 5-gallon bucket. Supply it with ample sunlight and nutrients, and soon you’ll be reaping the fresh and juicy rewards. What’s more exciting than a homegrown citrus harvest straight from your planter!

11. Upcycled Pallet Planter

Are you keen on keeping the planet green? Try out an upcycled pallet planter. This cool idea allows you to transform an old wooden pallet into a genius vertical 5-gallon planter for your mini garden. You simply need to fix some 5-gallon buckets onto the pallet and spray paint everything in a color that matches your outdoor decor. It’s an excellent haven to grow herbs and small vegetables that will make your cooking more exciting and healthy.

12. Patio Tomato Garden

Welcome sweet, juicy tomatoes into your life with a patio tomato garden. A 5-gallon bucket creates enough room for a tomato plant to flourish. Make sure to drill holes at the bottom of the bucket for proper drainage, fill it with rich soil, then plant your tomatoes right in the center. To promote fruitful growth, place your bucket at a sunny spot in the patio and remember to water it frequently.

13. Portable Potato Field

Imagine fresh homegrown potatoes at your fingertips! With a portable potato field, that dream becomes reality. Select a sturdy 5-gallon bucket, fill it half-way with fertile soil and plant your seed potatoes inside. As the sprouts emerge & grow beyond 6”, keep adding soil until you reach the rim of the bucket. Remember to keep your portable field watered and watch as you get ready to harvest bountiful of tubers after about ten weeks.

14. Exotic Orchid Display

Create your private tropical paradise using a 5-gallon planter to house majestic orchid blooms. Orchids are perfect for such planters because they thrive more on air than soil – hence would require only minimal substrate in the bucket. Choose from numerous varieties like the Large-Flowered Cattleya or Dendrobiums. Water them sparingly, provide enough indirect light and behold a fascinating display all year round.

15. Wildflower Pollinator Attractor

Experience the symphony of colors and scents by creating a wildflower pollinator attractor right in your backyard. Planting wildflowers in a 5-gallon planter can bring in bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, instigating a beautiful range of ecological interactions. Select varying species that flower at different times to keep the spectacle going from season to season!

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16. Aromatic Lavender Garden

Create an aromatic haven with a 5-gallon lavender garden. Its scent is renowned for promoting relaxation and better sleep. Plus, its lovely purple flowers can beautify any space. Planting lavender is straightforward – simply use good draining soil, give it ample sunlight, water it regularly (but don’t overwater!), and enjoy its fantastic aroma all day long.

17. Vertical Lettuce Farm

Why occupy acres when you can have a farm in a bucket? A vertical lettuce farm is a smart & space-saving method that rests on stacking 5-gallon planters on top of each other with the bottom one serving as a reservoir for water and nutrients! This ingenious system enables you to grow many lettuce heads using minimal space and resources.

18. Miniature Rose Bushes

Roses are not always high-maintenance divas – they can also be mini beauties in your backyard; thanks to your 5-gallon planter! With proper pruning and care, miniature rose bushes will graciously brighten your patios and balconies with numerous blooms throughout their growing seasons.

19. Fruiting Berry Corner

Transform one corner of your backyard into a charming fruiting berry corner with the help of a few 5-gallon planters. Raspberries, blackberries, or strawberries can be plucked fresh for your morning cereal right from these buckets. This not only gives you fresh fruits but also a colourful corner that is sure to attract admiration.

20. Mushroom Cultivation Setup

For the fungi fanatics out there, a 5-gallon bucket can serve as an excellent mushroom cultivation setup. Enrich some straw with mushroom spawn, pack it in your bucket and keep in a cool, moist environment. In about four weeks, you’ll be harvesting delicious oyster or shiitake mushrooms right from your indoor garden.

A Plantastic Ending!

You have more potential within just about any 5-gallon bucket than you ever imagined. Whether it’s embracing sustainable practices with upcycled pallet planters or cultivating your tomatoes, every option spells innovation, convenience and great enjoyment. The variety of options means there’s something to pique everyone’s interest. So why wait? Grab that 5-gallon bucket and get planting today!