Where to Buy Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can be a great way to add beauty and charm to your home or garden. There’s something profoundly satisfying about watching delicate tendrils and colorful blooms spill over the edges of a perfectly placed basket. If you’re looking to buy some for your own space, there’s a world of choices out there just waiting for you to explore, covering everything from stylish ornaments for your living room to fruitful vegetable patches for your porch. Today, we’ll be going through 20 of the best spots to start (or continue) your quest!

1. Amazon Online Store

Amazon ranks first on our list, and with good reason. It offers one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, so it’s no surprise that their hanging basket collection is just as extensive. You’ll find several options, irrespective of material, ranging from plastic, metal, coir, or wicker. You can ascertain their quality through client reviews and ratings before buying them.

2. Walmart Supercenters

You’re almost certainly within driving distance of a Walmart Supercenter. These locations are known for their variety in products, and hanging baskets are no exception. Whether you plan to use these baskets for stunning flowering plants or delicious fresh produce like what you’d find in British food retailer Waitrose, these supercenters have got you covered.

3. Home Depot

When it comes to home improvement retailers, few can compete with Home Depot’s reach or reputation. Known for being a haven of DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, this store boasts various hanging baskets designed to withstand different climatic conditions and the rugged British weather.

4. Lowe’s Home Improvement

If you’re fond of department stores like John Lewis Partnership in the UK or companies like Bracknell known for their quality products, Lowe’s Home Improvement is a similar stop on your hanging basket journey. Their offerings expand beyond the ordinary, with robust materials and unique designs that can spruce up any space.

5. IKEA Home Furnishing

If convenience is a precursor to your shopping, IKEA sets a gold standard for easy home furnishing shopping. Renowned for their minimalistic Scandinavian style, IKEA’s hanging baskets add a touch of classy simplicity to your garden or indoor spaces, creating an ambiance comparable to European supermarkets with their organized retail formats.

6. Etsy Marketplace

For those seeking distinct handmade or vintage items, Etsy Marketplace offers an array of unique hanging baskets made by independent artisans worldwide. Given its resemblance to typical UK retail companies, you’re sure to find an item you love or even custom-made to fit your specific needs and style.

7. Gardeners’ World Website

As any green thumb would know, Gardeners’ World is a great platform for anything gardening-related. The site not only sells but also provides information on the best plants for hanging baskets in different seasons, much like the various food retailers in the UK offer helpful nutritional information on their food items.

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8. Wayfair Shopping Site

Wayfair boasts one of the most user-friendly online shopping experiences around, replete with customer reviews and detailed product descriptions. Their variety of hanging baskets comes in all styles and sizes that cater to specific tastes – European chic to classic British charm.

9. Target Retail Stores

In terms of diversity and quality in retail companies found in the UK like John Lewis Partnership, American company Target is not far behind. Apart from their fun home section, Target stores are well-stocked with practical and aesthetic hanging baskets worth checking out.

10. B&Q Home Improvement

No list would be complete without mentioning B&Q. As one of the largest home improvement and garden centres offering products in line with quality supermarkets in Europe, this retailer also provides a broad selection of hanging baskets, offering something for every gardening enthusiast or interior decorator out there.

11. eBay Online Marketplace

When you consider the world’s largest online marketplaces, eBay certainly springs to mind. With thousands of sellers specialising in everything from vintage collectables to high-end fashion, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their hanging basket selection is quite impressive. There’s really no limit in terms of styles, materials, or sizes. Plus, with both auction-style purchasing and direct buying options available, you’re able to find something within your set price range.

12. Overstock.com Shopping

A popular destination for discounted furniture and home goods, Overstock.com also carries a vast range of hanging baskets. Whether you’re after something sleek and modern or a more traditional rustic design, Overstock has got you covered. Plus, they offer regular sales and discounts which make it an affordable option for homeowners on a budget.

13. H&M Home Section

It’s not just stylish clothes that H&M offers, but they have made quite a name for themselves in the home decor department too. Their home section includes a variety of chic yet inexpensive hanging baskets ideal for adding a refreshing touch to your space. Catering to contemporary, boho-chic and minimalistic styles among others, there’s likely something for every design preference at H&M Home Section.

14. Wilko Home Stores

A staple on the British high street, Wilko boasts an array of quality products at affordable prices – making it a go-to source for all things garden-related. Known for their extensive gardening supplies within the United Kingdom, they naturally carry an array of hanging baskets. From metal to wicker designs and even complete hanging basket sets with brackets and coir liners included, Wilko likely has what you need.

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15. Argos Online Retail

Argos, a well-respected online retailer in the UK, is closely connected with the John Lewis Partnership and well-known supermarkets like Waitrose. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything home related. Their hanging baskets range from self-watering plastic models to heavy-duty metal baskets that can handle the weight of cascading vines and full-growth flowers – all available at competitive prices.

16. ALDI Special Buys

ALDI’s Special Buys offers an amalgamation of high-quality products at unbeatable prices. While primarily a food retailer, they also include sections devoted to home and garden goods. Their hanging baskets are dependable, cost-effective, and available in a variety of designs to match any home’s decor.

17. Costco Wholesale Stores

While membership is required, shopping at Costco certainly has its benefits. This wholesale store boasts an impressive variety of items including garden supplies and decorations. Their hanging baskets are sturdy, affordable, and often come in sets making it easy for you to coordinate all your outdoor or indoor plants.

18. Bunnings Warehouse

Bunnings Warehouse carries everything you need for your DIY projects – including a good selection of both indoor and outdoor hanging baskets. Known for their array of options, customers can choose from different styles, sizes, colours and materials to suit all types of plant requirements.

19. Zara Home Online

Zara Home adds another notch in their stylish belt with their range of hanging baskets. From delicately woven designs to ones made from sleek metal, they offer an eclectic mix that suits every household aesthetic preference. While offering a slightly higher price point compared to other retailers, the quality of their baskets delivers great value for money.

20. Marks & Spencer Home

Another stalwart of the British retail industry, Marks & Spencer brings reliable quality to the table. Their hanging basket selection combines practicality and design flawlessly. Ranging from classic wire baskets to chic ceramic options, M&S is a great choice for those who want a blend of elegance and functionality in their baskets.


In summary, whether you’re looking for a bargain buy at ALDI or considering a lavish piece from Marks & Spencer’s range, there’s a hanging basket retailer for everyone. Evidently burgeoning retailers in the UK like Argos, Wilko and Bunnings Warehouse have plenty to offer while online hubs like Overstock.com and eBay provide the convenience of door-to-door delivery. Happy hanging basket shopping!